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Ungaro Ungaro Party for Women

Ungaro Party for Women

Ungaro Party Edt Spray 3 Oz for Women


Ungaro's Party was introduced as a celebratory fragrance for women in 2009. This fragrance starts with a fizzy, cheerful burst of lemon and watermelon that rapidly dies back to reveal an aromatic watery lotus and lily-of-the-valley heart blend. The base notes of musk and sandalwood are very subtle and designed to not overpower the remnants of the heart notes. Unlike most fruity florals, this is a great fragrance for older women, especially those who love feeling young. Wear it on warm summer days to casual, upbeat events.

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Ungaro Party Edt Spray 3 Oz for Women
Lemon, Watermelon, Lotus, Lily Of The Valley, Musk And Sandalwood.
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