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High precision lip liner is a retractable liner draws a soft, thin and precise line. improves lip contour. softens or intensifies lipstick. ensures perfect, longer lasting lip makeup. gives a flawless finish and long lasting hold.* High-precision lip liner is a retractable liner draws a soft, thin…

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It is velvety soft and more comfortable than any matte lipstick before, it adorns lips with deep colours and an intensely luminous matte finish. features a hydrating formula that ensures long lasting effect.* With a soft lightweight texture for comfortable wearing* Provides deep and intense color*…

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Lipstick Queen

It is rich in color with excellent coverage contains natural antioxidants and so soft you can use the liner over the whole lip as the perfect base to help your lipstick last longer.

Price:$9.69 to $25.94
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