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Vibrant curve effect lip gloss imparts luxurious shine on lips. updated tip design and high flexibility of the polymer. helps lip gloss evenly sweep every corner of lips. wearable on top of lipsticks and liners .* Vibrant curve effect lip gloss imparts luxurious shine on lips* Updated tip design and…

Price:$10.63 to $11.25
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It is velvety soft and more comfortable than any matte lipstick before, it adorns lips with deep colours and an intensely luminous matte finish. features a hydrating formula that ensures long lasting effect.* With a soft lightweight texture for comfortable wearing* Provides deep and intense color*…

Compare: $73.73
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…that glides on effortlessly formulated with a unique hydratendre complex that imparts long lasting moisture to soften lips. creates a plump and healthy looking pout with a hint of shimmer.* Long lasting color formulas* Improves the lips condition with regular use* Leave your lips smooth and sexy

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With a superb fine texture that glides on like a second skin. contains cristal pigment that offers clear, pure and radiant color. infused with a complex of oil and resin that provides extremely durable hold and comfort.* With a superb-fine texture that glides on like a second-skin* Contains cristal…

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