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Flexible hold for texture and definition, its wheat protein acts as a moisturizer to improve texture and appearance of damaged hair. Malleable formula allow for easy use and all-day style modification. It provides ultra-matte finish.

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Kristin Ess

It is a universal serum. It adds extra shine and smoothness to hairs to create wet hair looks. It is a cocktail with pomade for texture to help zip-up dry ends or air dry.

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A Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel Stronger Hold transforms uneven curl patterns into consistently formed, well-defined and frizz-free spirals. Anti-Frizz Nano Technology seals the cuticle to lock in moisture & lock out humidity.

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This monochromatic watch is the perfect neutral to transition from work to weekend. In brushed black, ion-plated stainless steel and matching dark dial, the classic timepiece features a textured bezel atop a 45mm case.

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A slim style that exhibits a classical design with a modern twist thistimepiece is tailored for the self-confident individualist who looksfor the out of the ordinary. Features a sleek stainless steel case. Grey dial. Stainless steel bracelet. Mini sweep movement at the 7 o'clock. Swiss quartz…

Compare: $550.00
SAVE $154 (28%)


This is alcohol free hairspray for maximum moisture retention. Its revolutionary formula provides optimal working time for shaping styles with an extra firm hold and high shine.

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This is a seriously strong and powerful hair styling product for when your hair demands a little more. This pomade works great at making your hair obey your trickiest commands without question.

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It instantly refreshes and revives hai. It save time and extend your color or blow-out by shampooing less frequently. Dry Shampoo keeps styles looking fresh and full by absorbing oils that can weigh hair down.

Compare: $22.00
SAVE $4 (19%)


This unique sulfate-free formula keeps hairs cuticle sealed to lock nourishing moisture in, and frizz-causing humidity out. Our advanced blend of emollients and Ceramides helps repair the cuticle and smooth its surface.

Price:$18.44 to $52.50
Compare: $65.22
SAVE $46 (71%)
There were no results that contained all of the words in your query. These results contain some of the words.