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Ideal for covering and holding pot handles, this convenient Silicone Pot Holder features a durable silicone wraparound piece to place over handles to prevent burns. It is versatile and flexible with a non-slip grip. Dishwasher safe. Measures approximately 3" x 3". Comes in assorted…

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…oily and greasy messes, this Splatter Stopper features fine mesh for solid performance and easy clean-up. Fits most pots and pans. Simply put over the top of the pan or pot and let it take the mess. Measures approximately 13" in diameter. Dishwasher safe. Comes packaged in a poly bag.

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Great for resting hot pots and plates on, this 2-piece Medium Cork Mat Set features durable round mats made of natural cork to absorb heat and condensation and protect counters and tabletops. Each mat measures approximately 6" in diameter and 1/8" thick. Comes packaged in a poly…

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Protect countertops from hot pots and plates with this Silicone Kitchen Mat featuring a durable plastic heat-resistant mat with a texturized pattern for a secure grip. Measures approximately 8.25" x 8.25". Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card.…

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Easily remove grease and caked on foods from pots and pans with this convenient Pan Scraper Tool featuring a durable plastic blade with an anti-slip, comfortable plastic handle for thorough scraping without scratching. Measures approximately 3" x 3.25". Comes in assorted colors.…

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Protect yourself against hot pots and lids and easily open jars and bottles with this Multi-Use Silicone Kitchen Mat. Textured design gives a secure grip. Dishwasher safe. Measures approximately 7.25" x 4.125". Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged with a hanging panel. Package…

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Great for dinner parties or pot lucks, this Tortilla Keeper keeps tortillas, pancakes and tacos warm. Features a convenient lid to keep your food fresh. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Measures approximately 8 1/2" wide with a 2 1/4" depth. Comes loose with a UPC label. brown

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