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Ya Ya

…illumination without expensive electrician or messy renovations. These cool to touch and shutter proof bulbs are perfect for lighting up your cabinets, pantries, closets, basements, attics, garages, under stairs, bathrooms, or kitchen. This portable and light weight bulb not only saves energy by…

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Elegant Home Fashions

Slone Linen Tower in white has an elegant crown molded top and shaker legs. The piece has two decorative louvered doors that offer ample storage. The decorative louvered door keeps your toiletries hidden and add style to your bathroom. The shaker legs and arched decorative skirt on bottom front and…

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Ya Ya

…- Check. Do I look great? -Definite check! Top this sculpture on the well lighted and lovely cake of your choice to commemorate your most important dance of all then place into a cabinet you can see all the time to place yourself in the most perfect mood! Resin sculpture stands at 6" tall.

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Ya Ya

…and Groom are simply head-over-heels crazy about each other and would go through Heaven and Hell for the other. Definitely, keep this in a glass cabinet after using it and carry it with you all your life as a trophy for landing the DEAREST person who can make you laugh, smile, excited, dream and…

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Ya Ya

…definitely fit your theme. Not only are they presentable, but their criss cross pattern is definitely one to bring home by guests and safekeep in a cabinet filled with treasured beauties such as this. Simply top these baskets with your colorful favors and setting up on the display table will be SO…

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Ya Ya

…or cellphone and its more than helpful in the dark. But most of all, this is a Favor giveaway that your recipient will absolute not keep in a cabinet to gather dust --they will keep it with them all the time and it will Light The Way. thefabricsfactory.com brings you many ways to say EUREKA!…

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SAVE $7 (28%)

Hold N Storage

…- folds in half for easy storage. Compact ironing board folds away small enough to store in a drawer or on a cabinet shelf. Use it for all of your ironing needs from pants and shirts to linens and tablecloths. Pad and cover are included with this handy unit. by Honey Can Do* 32" x 12"

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Ya Ya

…jars carry that classic look and charm of vintage apothecary jars.  Ideally sized for sauces and spices to add color and fun to your kitchen cabinets, or for sanitary items like swabs, bath salts, cotton balls etc.  Fill these with your party favors, sweets, or candies and adorn with your party…

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Ya Ya

These LED Strips are the most flexible light source imaginable. You can shape the strip in nearly any form and use the adhesive tape on the back to attach it to any solid surface.A highly efficient and stylish accessory to cove under-cabinet, display, and other accent lighting applications including…

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