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…who have an appreciation for music have higher scores on standardized tests and have a higher IQ. Instill a love of music in children with this keyboard. Features 37 keys and plays 24 demo songs. Includes a microphone so kids can sing along with the demo tunes or with their own song. Requires 4…

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…Requires no external power source. Plug it into any USB port of your laptop or computer to keep things dust-free and running smoothly. Use the keyboard attachment to vacuum dust and other particles trapped underneath the keys by sliding the flexible tube between keys. The brush and suction tube…

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…Upper and lower case printing - Replaceable heavy-duty rechargeable battery - Acoustic cups to fit round and square handsets - Electronic voice - Keyboard dialing - Memory dialing - Tone and pulse dialing - Built-in directory - Dual modular jacks - Auto answer - Remote message retrieval - Visual…


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