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Jaxon Hats

  Made in the USA   Dating back to the early 19th Century, the Homburg (as it was known) was commonly worn by well-dressed, affluent gentlemen – it was the everyday hat of bankers and politicians. Originally named after the city in Germany, Al Pacino is credited with…



…the Homburg! Once carefully cleaned and weighed, the fur is put through more than 200 rigorous operations, many by hand. The fur is then sanded and treated several times with special hatters grease. Using heat, pressure and extreme care, the hat is formed, shaped and trimmed. The Fur Felt Homburg is…


Jaxon Hats

…The Jaxon Wool Homburg Hat is a classic! Once more popular than the fedora throughout Europe and America, this classic style was considered as formal as top hat and derby styles. Later nicknamed the "Godfather" by popular American culture, the classic Homburg still holds a place…



  Made in the USA   Dobbs' new homburg hat, the Fleetwood Wool Felt Homburg Hat, is a quality piece with fine details to set it apart from the crowd. You can trace the homburg's name and origins back to Bad Homburg in Hesse, Germany. The look was popularized by future…



  Made in the USA Dobbs decided it was time for the homburg to relax and take a well earned vacation from it's typical winter body with the El Dorado Florentine Milan Straw Homburg Hat. The El Dorado homburg has the earmark center dent crown and curled brim but is made of 100%…