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Top off your concrete jungle expeditions with the Scala Safari Fedora Hat. The wool felt fedora is blocked with pinch front center dent crown and perfect width brim with just the perfect amount of flop. A sleek side feather tops off a self tonal hatband. Approx. 4 1/8" crown Approx. 2 1/2"…

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Physician Endorsed

  UPF 50+   Introducing the Adriana Toyo Straw Fedora Hat by Physician Endorsed with a nice wide brim to keep you protected from the sun's harsh rays. It looks great for a day at the beach or a walk in the park.   Approx. 4" Crown 4 1/2" Brim   Made…


ale by Alessandra

  Introducing the Cabo Toyo Straw Fedora Hat ále by Alessandra Ambrosio. In this piece you are able to see different weaves of straw. The crown goes from a tight weave on top to a more loose and free flowing weave down to the top of the brim which goes back into a tight…

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ale by Alessandra

…ále by Alessandra Ambrosio brings you the super lightweight and stylish Tre Colore Hemp Straw Fedora Hat. Offered in great color combinations, the Tre Colore Fedora Hat is ideal for finishing off your look in style.   Approx. 4 1/2" Center Pinch Crown 2"…

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  Conner's Allison Wool Felt Floppy Fedora Hat is made with Australian wool and comes in some fantastic colors. It has a nice wide brim to keep you protected and the sweatband is adjustable in case you need a better fit.   Approx. 4" Crown 4" Floppy Brim  …



…Spain Straw Fedora Hat with Removable Necklace is like two gifts in one. First you have a great hat with a beaded hat band that looks amazing anywhere you decide to go. Then you decide you want to change it up a little. All you have to do is unsnap the loops and you can remove the hat band and use…


Physician Endorsed

  UPF 50+    Introducing the Physician Endorsed Rich Pitch Toyo Straw Fedora Hat with a grosgrain hat band and matching bow. This piece has a classic look that adds a little something extra to your outfit. It is packable, light weight, and great for that fourth of July…


Jeanne Simmons

  Jeanne Simmons Paisley Floppy Fedora has the aesthetic a woman's floppy hat should have. A plush wool hat with a multi colored hatband gives this fedora a one of kind element to it. A great winter option for your headwear needs.    Approx. 4 1/2" teardrop…

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