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Our Deluxe Cedar Suit Hanger has a streamlined shape that keeps your suits and jackets in shape and gives them a freshly pressed appearance. This hanger has a wide shoulder design that gives your clothes a fresh, crisp look.* Dimensions 17.5" x 2"Thick

Compare: $30.17
SAVE $5 (16%)

You have a great investment in your wardrobe, so secure your investment with our Cedar Hangers with chrome hardware. Our aromatic hangers freshen clothing while discouraging moths and mildew. Fights mustiness without chemicals. * Dimensions 17.5" x 3/4"Thick

Compare: $188.57
SAVE $31 (16%)

Cedar is the natural choice because of its beauty, practicality and durability. Naturally resistant to decay, insect and weather damage. Cedar also has no chemical preservatives, which makes it safe for the family to use.* Dimensions 17.5" x 3/4"Thick

Compare: $208.73
SAVE $34 (16%)

These strong, well-constructed Pant/Skirt hangers are topped off with a polished steel swivel hook. Complete with strong polished chrome clips to comfortably hang your pants, shorts or skirts.* Dimensions 14" x 5/8"Thick

Compare: $195.77
SAVE $32 (16%)

These strong, built-to-last hangers are topped off with a polished steel swivel hook. Complete with sturdy trouser bar to comfortably lay your suit or outfit on.* Dimensions 17.5" x 3/4"Thick

Compare: $201.53
SAVE $33 (16%)

…- in closets, laundry room or under the kitchen sink - these solid hanging cedar blocks measure 2"x 2 ¾" x ¾" and come pre-drilled with a hanger hook and ready for instant use. Renew the potency of your Cedar Hang-Up annually by gently sanding the wood surface with fine sandpaper.*…

Compare: $27.29
SAVE $4 (16%)

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