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Ya Ya 1/16 Intricate Single Face Satin Ribbon - 25 yards

1/16 Intricate Single Face Satin Ribbon - 25 yards

  • Satin style
  • 1/16" x 25 yards

How you present your petite, cute and very thoughtful gift/favor boxes goes a long way to saying the special type of person you are. People will always treasure true beauty and how you light up the moment with your attention to details and your use of elegant colors. So why not use our slim and dashing 1/16 Intricate Single Face Satin Ribbon to make that perfect moment happen? 25yrd/spool

Can also be used for crafts, personalization, gift-wrapping and decorations. COLOR YOUR WORLD with!

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Color & Quantity
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1/16 Intricate Single Face Satin Ribbon - 25 yards
  • Style: Satin
  • Size: 1/16 In X 25 Yds
  • Material: Satin
  • Occasion: Any Occasion
  • Occasion: St. Patrick's Day
  • Occasion: Easter
  • Yardage: 25
  • Width: 1/16
  • Product Type: Ribbons
  • Fabric Characteristic: Lustrous
  • Product Weight: 0.13
  • Color: Apple Green
Status:In Stock
Id: 64915

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